Explore Asheville and eat tacos! See how this silly illustration came to be in my process, below.
That sketch in my notebook is how it all began! I was just drawing some simple mountains, and as I refined it, it started to look like tacos. I think I was correcting the size of them, so they appeared to have a double arch like a taco shell, and then the little snow cap I had added on one looked just like shredded cheese or lettuce coming out the top 😁.​​​​​​​
But then got thinking about how appropriate that "mistake" in my sketchbook was: Asheville really, really loves tacos! There are quite a few places to get a good taco around here, and they all have something a little different to offer. I fiddled with the shading and color for awhile, and took an Instagram poll to see what style was preferred. 
So, there you have it! Explore Asheville and eat tacos!
This illustration is available for sale as a sticker around Asheville, NC shops, and in my online Redbubble Artist Shop. For wholesale information, please email hello@annieriker.com
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