bicycle bloom is an Illustration I did for ARTCRANK DC, 2014. I hand silk screened a limited edition for the November '14 show (my first time silk screening, EVER!). If you missed the show, you can still purchase a digital print at my Etsy Shop. I might still have 1 or 2 extra silk screens—email me if you're interested in an original. (My bike, Lola, did the modeling for this one!)
One (of MANY!) of my earlier sketches.
All of the films gathered for the three colors I printed.
First screen ready to go!
I had to have 31 "good" prints to submit to ARTCRANK.
Color number two.
I used acetate to register the colors. Tedious, but it worked out well. 
Clean up with the power washer!
The show was a HUGE success! I sold all but two prints from my edition that night... and the others sold the next day by friends who couldn't make it. (I do currently still have a few extra "test prints," so please email me if you're interested in purchasing one!
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