When I worked at National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), I did a lot of public speaking about working as an in-house graphic designer. 
Here is an opening slide, and promotional graphic that I illustrated for AIGA DC
and HOW Design Live presentations on in-house design processes at NPCA.
(That's me to the right, roasting marshmallows. And, that's my former NPCA boss,
Scott Kirkwood, to the left, playing a guitar.)
A screenshot from the AIGA DC presentation that Scott and I gave
The first sketch!
By the way, if you're curious how a shy, introverted designer (me!) could get up on the stage and talk to 600+ people about in-house design processes, read this blog post I wrote called "If I can Speak Publicly, So Can You!" about how I prepared and how awesome the experience was!
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