Hello, I'm Annie!
I’m an established creative artist and designer using cheerful color palettes, joyful hand lettering, and playful patterns. Designing for product surfaces is my passion, and I love to spread positivity with the artwork I create!
With a BFA in graphic design and 20 years working in the industry, I bring extensive knowledge of branding, layout, pattern, design trends, and print production into my current work. My style weaves together this technical experience from print and packaging design, my fine art background and deep-rooted passion for creating with my hands, and my joy of artistic experimentation. It is enormously satisfying to watch my thoughts, dreams and visions become beautiful, tangible things.
I’ve had the pleasure of creating work for clients like Merrell ShoesYoloha Yoga, National Parks Conservation AssociationCreative Mornings, and ENO Hammocks. I also write and illustrate many of my own project ideas, including 100 Reasons I Love Asheville, a playful story about loving where I live.
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